Parts for Zelenka's trio sonatas

(and other arrangements, and some MIDI files)

I edited the parts below originally only to fix the mistakes that exist in the only available published editions of Zelenka's trio sonatas. Some new arrangements are for the same group. They are useful as encores after playing Zelenka.

The other issue was impossible page turns. In the version offered below, no single movement extends over more than four pages, except for the score of course.

Print these on one side only of the paper, and then bind the two pages that will be in the centre. The two outer pages should be trimmed to be slightly narrower, then Sellotaped to the inner pages and folded in. Before playing that movement open out both sides and setup the music stand to hold all four as flat as possible. Look at the image below and maybe you'll see what I'm getting at. The other advantage to this system is that it can take the players a minute or two to rearrange their music between movements - giving the lips a much needed break.

Opened out

Folded in

My versions and arrangements are freely offered for all and any to download, print, and play. If more corrections are needed,  please email me and I'll fix things as needed. Or you could fix things yourself if you have Sibelius 6 software. If you do, please email me the fixed version!

Click to download the zip files. These zip files contain PDF files ready for printing, as well as the Sibelius source files.

All files are edited and/or arranged by me, Malcolm Messiter, except where indicated otherwise.

For two oboes, bassoon, harpsichord and contra bassoon (or bass):

For two oboes and harpsichord (NEW!)  

For solo oboe, optional cello, and harpsichord:   

For flute (doubling piccolo), two oboes (2nd doubling cor), clarinet, bassoon, contra, harpsichord:

For flute, two oboes (2nd doubling cor), clarinet, bassoon, contra, 'cello and harpsichord:

For flute, oboe, cor anglais, bass oboe, bassoon, contra, bass and harpsichord:

For two oboes, string quartet and harpsichord:

For oboe, string quartet and harpsichord:

For two oboes, cor, and bassoon:

For two oboes and cor:

For oboe, cor anglais, bass oboe, and bassoon:

For oboe, cor anglais, clarinet, and bassoon:

Trios for two oboes and bassoon: (Arranged from another instrumentation)

Trio for oboe, oboe d'amore, and bassoon

Quintet for oboe, tenoroon, contrabassoon, and piano

Quintet for two oboes, cor anglais, bass oboe, and bassoon

Wind octet (2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 horns, 2 bassoons)

Wind octet plus piano

Wind octet plus piano, extra horn, cello, bass, and flute (pic)

For oboe and strings:

For oboe and harpsichord:

For Lupophon (or bass oboe), flute, bass, and harpsichord:

For oboe and string quartet:

For oboe d'amoré and string quartet:

For clarinet, two oboes, string quartet, and organ:

For oboe and piano

For orchestra:

For flute, oboe, and Yamaha P-155 keyboard

Practice MIDI files:

The files in this section use  MIDI 'harpsichord'. They are for practice so the solo oboe is missing:  you must play it. They are rather like using a metronome, only much more fun. Movements where the oboe starts first include a bar or two 'lead in' - you'll soon see.

If you have a 'Yamaha Clavinova' or similar, copy these files onto a USB memory chip, and plug it into the device for a robot accompanist. Most devices and MIDI software players allow the tempo to be changed, should you feel that need.


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